Disciple Formation Classes for adults at 9:45am & 11:00am every Sunday. Use the campus map or 3D tour to find the specified room. Go here to see a list of Covenant Groups (groups that mostly meet during the week) that may fit your schedule.


  • Anchors in Christ (ages 40+, Sunday at 9:45 in A-201) led by Suzanne Hess and Donna Odom. Our group enjoys interactive and discussion-based Bible and book studies on Sunday mornings; and serving together throughout the week with the Bethel UMC tutoring ministry, Bingo at Trinity Elms, and Clemmons Food Pantry.

  • Crusaders Class (ages 60+, Sunday at 9:45 in A-202) led by Fred Scherle. Our fun-loving and caring group of mature adults enjoys in depth studies of the Bible with open discussion on Sunday mornings, monthly social gatherings and helping other church members as best we are able.

  • Fellowship Class (ages 50+, Sunday at 9:45 in A-205) led by Michele Roberts and Ellen Ringer. Our open and friendly group enjoys Bible-focused studies each Sunday with lively, non-judgmental discussion; as well as quarterly fellowship gatherings.

  • SALT (Sharing and Learning Together) Class (All ages, Sunday at 9:45 in A-203) led by Kevin Slusher. As our name shows, we are Sharing and Learning Together in an open-minded manner in our small, multi-aged class. We worship and connect weekly as we dive into various book studies. Our group leads The Angel Tree mission each year.

  • Upper Room (ages 75+, Sunday at 9:45 in A-209) led by Steve Danner. We may be the oldest group, but we are definitely young at heart. We enjoy various discussion-based book studies on Sunday mornings and meet monthly for socials.

  • FUNN (Fellowship Under Ninety-Nine) (All ages, Sunday at 9:45 in A-210) led by Ken Peacock. Our intergenerational group enjoys discussion based studies of the scripture. This class was previously known as the young adult class; however, the group has welcomed and embraced their “expanded” age group.

  • Family Journeys (ages 40s & 50s, Sunday at 9:45 in A-211) led by Craig DePuy. We are a relaxed and welcoming group; always open to growth in numbers, knowledge and spirituality. We enjoy dvd/book studies taught by various members of our class; monthly mission projects and family gatherings.

  • Adult Forum (ages 50+, Sunday at 9:45 in A-212) led by Bill Burkett. Our group is made up of a mix of working and retired professionals, who enjoy sharing about our grandchildren! We enjoy studies of the books of the Bible, as well as dinners out and periodic road trips.

  • Seekers (ages 40+, Sunday at 9:45 in A-213A) led by Karen Perry. Our inclusive, diverse group enjoys discussion-oriented studies in an accepting, fun atmosphere. We support the Zoe Mission (our true passion), Clemmons Food Pantry, and Sally’s Angels, as well as sponsor a family at Christmas.

11:00 am Discipleship Class

  • Cornerstone (ages 30s & 40s, Sunday at 11:00am in A-201) led by Ashleigh Maine. We are a group of young adults, mostly with children (ages 2-10) who enjoy supporting each other through the joys and struggles of parenthood and careers. We enjoy dvd/book studies, as well as serving as a group with the 11:00 Elementary Children’s group by leading child-friendly mission projects once a month.

In order to help you find the best fit for you and your family, Contact Kathy Giff if you have questions.