Disciple Formation Classes for adults at 9:45am & 11:00am every Sunday. Use the campus map or 3D tour to find the specified room. Go here to see a list of Covenant Groups (groups that mostly meet during the week) that may fit your schedule.

  • Anchors in Christ (ages 25+, Sunday at 9:45 in A-201) led by Suzanne Hess and Donna Odom
  • Crusaders Class (ages 60+, Sunday at 9:45 in A-202) led by Fred Scherle
  • PathFinders (ages 25+, Sunday at 9:45 in A-203) led by Mark Hartsell
  • Fellowship Class (ages 55+, Sunday at 9:45 in A-205) led by Michele Roberts and Ellen Ringer
  • Covenant Partners (ages 25+, Sunday at 9:45 in A-206) led by Kevin Slusher
  • Upper Room (ages 65+, Sunday at 9:45 in A-209) led by Steve Danner
  • A Prayer Life (ages 25+, Sunday at 9:45 in A-210) led by Rob Ball
  • Family Journeys (ages 25+, Sunday at 9:45 in A-211) led by Craig DePuy
  • Adult Forum (ages 50+, Sunday at 9:45 in A-212) led by Bill Burkett
  • Seekers (ages 25+, Sunday at 9:45 in A-213A) led by Karen Perry
  • Women's Covenant Class (ages 25+, Sunday at 9:45 in A-213 B) led by Lori Schamay

11:00am Covenant Groups

  • Cornerstone (ages 25+, Sunday at 11:00am in A-210/A.K.A."The Quilting Room") led by Ashleigh Maine
  • Millennials (ages 18-25, Sunday at 11:00am in the Parlor, A-213) led by Scot Cato and Sylvia Benisek
  • Open Forum (ages 25+, Sunday at 11:00am in A-205) led by Otis Chilton

In order to help you find the best fit for you and your family, Contact Rev. Gloria Hughes if you have questions.