From the Well - 1/5/2017

Several years ago Dr. Phil rang in the New Year with a New Year's Resolution Week. There was a new topic for each day:

  • Monday was "Money Makeovers"

  • Tuesday was "Weight Loss Resolutions"

  • Wednesday was "Addiction Resolutions"

  • Thursday was "Family Resolutions"

  • Friday was "Relationships Resolutions"

Dr. Phil seems to have a plan for every problem and issue in life. Supposedly, if you stick to his plan you can keep your New Year's resolutions no matter what they are. Unfortunately, we humans are a weak and fragile lot. We have a hard time keeping our promises. We struggle to break bad habits and transform our destructive behaviors. As many of us know, personal change is difficult at best.

We make hundreds of promises a year. We make promises to others, to ourselves, and to God. More often than not, we have a hard time keeping those promises. Such has been the dilemma since the dawn of time--remember Adam and Eve, the snake, and the forbidden fruit?

Fortunately, we have a loving and forgiving God who gives us second chances and allows us to start over again. God understands how hard it is to change, start over, and bring about transformation in our sometimes twisted and troubled lives. The good news is that God gives us the second chance that we need. God is always willing to join with us in creating a new heart that brings new life and greater spiritual health. Maybe our one New Year's resolution should be to ask for God's guidance, to allow him more fully into our lives. Think about it!

Pastor Matthew