From the Well - 3/22/2016

The Christian writer and speaker Steven Mosely tells this story:

Anna Pavlova was a Russian ballet dancer in the early 1900’s. At the time, she was acclaimed as the greatest ballerina of all time. Her most memorable performance, however, took place after her death.

Pavlova was to play the role she made famous, the Dying Swain, at the Apollo Theatre in London. Tragically, she died of pneumonia two days before her performance.

On the night she was supposed to perform, a crowd of fans packed the Apollo Theatre. The orchestra began playing, the curtain rose, and a spotlight focused its beam on the stage. The audience rose to its feet. They watched as the pool of light moved about the stage accompanied by the orchestra. As the light danced and the orchestra played, they remembered Anna Pavlova. In their hearts and minds, they could see her on stage, dressed in white, dancing her heart out. When the music stopped, there was a thunderous ovation. It was only an empty stage with a spotlight but in the hearts of the people, Anna Pavlova was alive and dancing.

So it was and has been for followers of the resurrected Christ. Jesus was crucified and buried. He was laid in a tomb but three days later He arose. An empty stage and an empty tomb, Jesus is alive and He is the Lord of the Dance forever!