From the Well - 9/10/2015

The Trials of a King

2 Samuel 11 & 12

Psalm 32

King David:

·        the singer of psalms,

·        the young anointed king,

·        a favored one of God,

·        the hope of Israel,

·        and in Christian accounts, the defining ancestor of Jesus.

So what in the world went wrong? Could it be the story in 2 Samuel has it all wrong and talking about a different King David? Sadly, this is not the case. The same man who was enraged with enough anger to kill Goliath for his blasphemous insults of the God of Israel and the same person who wrote in Psalm 46: God is our refuge and our strength.

King David lost sight of his role as a Godly leader for the Israelites and allowed his heart and mind to fall victim to the lusts and preoccupations of sin. The passion of the moment, in this case Bathsheba, overpowered the defining passion of his life with God.

This temporary preoccupation ended up changing the whole course of his life, the life of Bathsheba, Uriah, the prophet Nathan, the military commander Joab, and many other people in David’s life.

A domino effect of sinful choices followed. One sin very quickly turned into a chain reaction of sinful behaviors. It seems we have perfected the ability to make a bad thing “good” and a good thing “bad.”

Questions for the Week

As you reflect upon these scriptures, think about the following questions:

1.   David’s sins did not just affect him but others around him. Note the effects on the following:

·        Bathsheba

·        Uriah

·        The prophet Nathan

·        The military commander Joab

·        Other soldiers under Joab’s command

·        The baby conceived by Bathsheba

·        Other people in David’s life

2.   Once Uriah was dead, David seemed to think he had gotten away with his coveting, adultery, lying, and murder. But when Nathan confronted him, David realized that God knew everything. What are some of the ways we can deceive ourselves into thinking we have covered our tracks and hidden our sins (from ourselves, others, and even God)?

3.   God forgave David, but there were still consequences to his sinful actions. What were some of the consequences David faced immediately and over the long term because of his sinful choices?

4.   If you could have asked David at the end of his life, “What advice and insight would you give me about temptation and sin?” what might David say to you if you are presently dabbling in sin?

Closing Prayer

As you take time to pray, here are some ideas to get you started:

·        Pray for eyes to see the domino effect of your sins before you commit them. Ask God for an awareness of the cost to you and others so that you will desire holiness and not live with the collateral damage of sin.

·        Pray that God will palce people in your life who love you enough to confront you about your sins. Invite the Holy Spirit to soften your heart so that you will humbly receive their words of conviction and correction.

·        Thank God that the grace of Jesus is always sufficient to cover all of our sins.