From the Well - 9/8/2015

One of the high privileges of being a pastor is being able to put your hand into the holy water of baptism and proclaim in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit that this person is a beloved child of God. Often as the water drips from their foreheads, I wonder how the love of God will be a transforming influence in their lives and be revealed as they grow in faith.

In the same way when a new covenant partner is received into our church family, I wonder how God is working behind the scenes in and through their lives. Their many gifts and graces are apparent but how God calls forth their strengths to be used in ministry is often a welcome delight. God is not only GOOD…God is full of surprises!   

When God asked Samuel to travel to Bethlehem to anoint the next King of Israel, everyone was astounded by the choice. They thought they knew David well as a young man, but the strengths God was about to call forth in him will surprise everyone.

Questions for the Week

How do you imagine each of these people viewed David when they looked at him?

   His father, Jesse (The Story, pp. 145-146)

  The prophet Samuel (The Story, pp 145-146)

   His brother, Eliab(The Story, pp 148))

  King Saul   (The Story, pp 148-149)

∙   Goliath   (The Story, pp 148-149)

∙   God

Read Psalms 59 and 18. What did you learn about David’s character?

In reading The Story we discover that David has his share of flaws and sins but through it all he struggled to be a man of God. Are there things in your life that pull you away from God? What practices help keep your attention focused on drawing closer to God?  

Prayer Time

As you take time to pray, here are some ideas to get you started:

·         Ask God to help you be less judgmental of yourself and others.

·        Pray for people who need support and encouragement.        

·     Invite God to do what it would take to prepare you to be used in greater ways.

Between Sessions

Personal Reflection:

            In his menial job as a shepherd, David learned how to do battle with lions and bears. In looking back, have you ever experienced a time where the life lessons you were learning could be viewed as preparation?    

Personal Action

            Frazee asserts that in our “deserts and seasons of waiting” we need to remember that not only God but God’s people are walking with us. Who might you come alongside to offer care and support?

            Read for Next Session

Read Chapter 12 in The Story