From the Well - July 15, 2015

We have several projects taking place at Clemmons United Methodist Church. In order to keep everyone up-to-date, let me give you a brief preview or description of each. First, you may have noticed some work being done in the Children’s garden located between the Ministry Center and the Children’s wing of the church. I’ve asked Kathy Giff from our Children’s Ministry to give a brief description of the work:

In the summer of 2012, our preschool ministry family experienced an unimaginable tragedy, the loss of one of its precious children. This little boy died from severe injuries incurred from a senseless car accident. Many people in our preschool and church family as well as community were saddened by his death. The family was so touched by the love and support of the preschool and church staff during this difficult time that donations were sent to the preschool. The Caleb Land Memorial fund was established. Caleb loved being outdoors and loved art. As a way to carry on his memory and to honor the gifts made so many generous people, the decision was made to redo the children’s garden and entrance to the children’s building, where our young families come and go at least six days a week!

Join in our excitement, as we watch the transition from the old children’s garden to an amazing learning and growing space for all children. The “unveiling” should occur by the beginning of the new school year.

Kathy Giff, Children’s Ministries

This project was approved by the Trustees and the Administrative Board. You can view the progress on this project by looking out the windows in the New Commons Area located on the East side of the building. You can also get a close up view by entering the church through the children’s wing Entrance also located on the Eastern side of the building.

Another ongoing project is the Chapel renovation. A description of the project was in an earlier email but let me refer back to it.

Many of you have probably noticed the dumpster beside the chapel and some have inquired as to what is happening? Briefly, several years ago significant mold and termite damage was discovered in the Chapel. There was also damage from a leak in the roof. While these issues have been addressed and the mold and termites have been eradicated, there was significant concealed damage left behind as a result.

For the last couple of years, the Trustees have been in discussion about repairing the damage and at the same time remodeling the chapel for more flexible use in the future. This work was recently approved by the Trustees and Administrative Council. The remodel will enable the Chapel to be used for prayer and worship while at the same time be a space for confirmation classes and other activities. We think you will be pleased with the work when it is finished and invite you to visit the chapel upon completion of the work. We will let you know a projected completion date as soon as possible.

The Trustees, Clemmons UMC

The Chapel project was also approved by the Trustees and the Administrative Board.

Finally, you have probably noticed that the wall behind the coffee station in the New Commons Area has been painted. We are working with a designer to incorporate our new Vision, Mission, and Values Statements into this area of the building. The work will begin on this project in the next few weeks. I’ve including renderings from the designer so you can get a feel for what the space is going to look like.

Everyone is excited about updates and improvements. We feel that they will enhance and support the tremendous Kingdom work being done at Clemmons United Methodist Church. Thank you for your support and prayers as we continue to grow and work to make disciples of Jesus Christ.