From the Well - June 10, 2015

The Story: The Bible as one Continuing Story of God and His People are in. Starting this Sunday you can pick up your copy at the Food for Though Resource Center located in the New Commons area of our church. They are only $5!

So why should you but another Bible? Let me share some words from the Preface of The Story:

The Story, through its unique and easy-to-read format, opens a door to God’s truth. It’s a door that every person is consciously or unconsciously searching for. It’s a door that leads to freedom, hope and God himself! The Bible is filled with exciting and intense stories of love, war, birth, death and miracles. There’s poetry, culture, history and theology. It’s a suspense novel, a book of sociology, a history lesson—all woven around one eternal conflict: good versus evil. This story offers a glimpse of people in a different time and place who are yet very much like us today.

The Story includes the actual, God-breathed words of the Bible. The 31 chapters that comprise The Story contain portions of Scripture that were thoughtfully and carefully excerpted and then placed in chronological order. Transitions, which appear in Italic, were written to summarize omitted Scripture text in order to help the storyline read smoothly. The texts were chosen to retain the overall flow of the narrative, so that when you read the story, you will get a sense of the “big picture” of the Bible. (From the Preface of The Story)

Having The Story Bible will help you follow along as we journey through the Bible for 31 weeks. I hope you will get your copy this Sunday and start reading with me. I also hope that you will join us every Sunday as we use selected texts for the weeks in worship.

On another note, Matthew, Paula, Clark, and Gloria will be at annual conference on Sunday, June 21. Our Lay Leader Tara Olson will be preaching and Kathy Giff, Children’s Ministry Director will be helping Tara in Worship. I realize that there is a tendency to skip church when the clergy are away but you do not want to make that mistake on the 21st which will be our kick-off for Vacation Bible School. Kathy will have some of her VBS helpers and friends assisting her as worship leader. Please come out on the 21st and support our VBS and children.