From the Well - June 1, 2015

The Administrative Board of Clemmons UMC recently approved new Vision, Mission and Values Statements. This is the result of work done by the Strategic Planning/Vision Team of our church. Let me share those statements with you and also bring you up-to-date on some of the ways that we are going to get the message out to the congregation and guests.

So what is a vision statement? A vision statement defines the optimal desired future state or mental picture of what we want our church to achieve over time. It provides guidance and inspiration as to what Clemmons UMC hopes to focus on and achieve in a preferred future. Our vision Statement appears on the front of our newly designed bulletin cover. Behind the text of our new vision statement is a tree that symbolizes our growth as disciples who are called and gifted by God.

A mission statement is a declaration of our core purpose and focus. It helps to separate what is important from what is not. A vision is a statement of a preferred future while a mission is something we are doing now. Mission is what we hope to accomplish day to day. Finally, there is the values statement that informs the congregation, guests, and community of our top priorities at Clemmons UMC.

Our new vision, mission, and values statements will soon appear on the walls of the New Commons area of our church. They will be a constant reminder to every one of our preferred future, what we are doing right now to make a difference in our community and world, and what we value as the Body of Christ at Clemmons UMC. Below are our designer's rendering of what the New Commons area will look like once the design  is done.

Located on the left wall beside the Choir Room.

Located on the right wall beside the Choir room.


INCLUSIVITY across the generations.

DIVERSITY of God’s creation.

GENEROSITY of spirit and gifts.

OUTREACH in the community and world.

PRAYER as our connection to God and others.

LOVE as evidence of God’s presence in our lives.

COVENANT RELATIONSHIPS through small groups and worship.


DISCIPLESHIP as a way of serving and following Jesus Christ.

I hope you like the bulletin and the design for the New Commons Area. Thank you for being a part of the Body of Christ at Clemmons UMC, for your discipleship, and Kingdom work. I believe we are making a difference in the community and world through our prayers, service, gifts, ministry, and witness.