The Bethel-Clemmons Mission Co-op

The congregations of Clemmons and Bethel United Methodist Churches have joined forces to serve our neighbors in a cooperative missional parish. The focus of our joint mission efforts is on outreach and support of children, youth, and their families who live along and around the Highway 158 corridor and the Hanes Mall area. Our goal is connecting them to our congregations and the love of Jesus Christ through incarnational, in-person, service and relationship. Current cooperative ministries are described below.

The Bethel-Clemmons Mission Coop is a “third thing” – neither Bethel nor Clemmons, alone. Although many of our on-going ministries happen on the Bethel campus, the volunteers come from both churches. The Mission Coop does not exist to support one church or the other, but to support joint community mission efforts. Each congregation supports its own ministries, properties, and ministry staffs while contributing to the Mission Coop out of their respective operating budgets. Each congregation has identified an equal number of its member-ministers to serve on the Coop Mission Board. This board guides and encourages and wide range of cooperative missions and administers the Coop Mission Fund.

In addition to the funding that comes from our churches’ operating budgets, individuals can make contributions to this cooperative mission by making checks to: Bethel-Clemmons Mission Coop, and marking it for general use or for support of a specific ministry of the coop [like those listed below].

Current Shared Missions and Ministries

Transportation: A key to serving our neighbors effectively is providing transportation to and from our ministry offerings. People from Clemmons and Bethel provide a variety of transportation services utilizing our church vans and personal automobiles. Could you be a driver for one of these ministries list below? Get on the rotation and be part of the transportation ministry team. CONTACT: Sunday drivers – Bonnie Null, 336-575-5080 Wednesday and auxiliary drivers – Griff Harlow, 336-745-5199

Homework Help: On Wednesday evenings during the school year, we provide help for a variety of subjects and test preparation for elementary students. Would you be willing to provide basic homework help, and a little love and encouragement in the process? CONTACT: Griff Harlow, 336-745-5199

Meals: Our member-ministers provide simple meals to our children and youth on Wednesday evenings and sometimes on Sunday mornings and other times on the campus of Bethel UMC. Could you or your small group, Sunday school class, or a group of friends get on the rotation to provide meals for children in one of these ministry settings? CONTACT: Theresa Sykes, 336-764-1149

Sunday Mornings at Bethel UMC: Could you spare a Sunday from your regular class or worship service so that a child or youth can have a Sunday in church with loving, caring adults? Children and youth of all ages would benefit from your presence and guidance as they grow in faith. CONTACT: Theresa Sykes, 336-764-1149 or Bonnie Null, 336-575-5080

Carolina Cross Connection: Youth and adults from Clemmons and Bethel take part in the Carolina Cross Connection (CCC) mission camp each summer. We always need adults to go with them, and funds to support the cost of each camper. Sign up to be part of the team and/or make a contribution toward a camp scholarship. CONTACT: Bonnie Null, 336-575-5080

Hungry for Music Summer Day Camp: July 28-August 1 [2014]

This music day camp is open to all children of both congregations and our neighbors, offering elementary children the chance to experience a wide variety of music and share what they learn for the benefit of others. CONTACT: Kathy Giff

The Promise Preschool: Opening August 25, 2014, the Promise Preschool is a need-based school readiness program for 3 and 4-year-olds. It is intended for children who may not have this kind of opportunity without our help. Families will be encouraged to contribute to the process in some way through volunteering, sharing school supplies or snack foods, or other ways of helping. We need drivers for morning and afternoon shifts and all kinds of help with resources and food service. Could you help in some way? Could you give a full or partial scholarship to a child?

CONTACT: Renee Harris, Director/Lead Teacher, 336-893-5360,

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